Hello new reader!

My name’s TJ and in March 2017, I’ll be heading out on an around-the-country road trip.

Why am I going on an around-the-country road trip?

The short version is that I’m making the most of a previous sub-par financial decision. Six years ago, I allowed myself to be upsold an extended warranty on my brand new 2011 Honda Civic by the flashy sales guy. Six years later, I still have 30,000 miles and another year left on that warranty. You could say that I’m a practical guy. There’s a whole blog post on the long version.

This definitely isn’t your typical¬†travel blog. I expect it to be less about the actual places I visit and more about documenting my personal experiences.

While I’d definitely prefer not¬†to wander the planet alone, that is the romantic life I’ve been dealt so far, so I’ll make the best financially of the perpetual single life status.

This blog has also documented some of my more notable financial life experiences. Such as my incredible real estate windfall and opening my donor advised fund.

Whoever you are, I’m super stoked that you have been curious enough to discover my place on the internet.