Hello reader!

I thought I would take the opportunity to point out some helpful resources that I have utilized on my journey as well as in development of this blog. Some of the links on this page are affiliate links.

Soothe Massage – <— This is a referral link for a wonderful in-home massage service.

If you click my link, I get $30 credit towards a future massage and you get $30 off your first massage. $70 for an hour long massage (tip included) seems pretty standard around these parts, but you get the convenience of not leaving your house. I think it’s great to try out and continue to use if you have the ability to convince people to do the same. I wouldn’t personally pay $100 myself, but maybe you would?

SiteGround – Web Host <— This is an affiliate link. 

I spent a few hours researching web hosts for my blog.  My research suggested that SiteGround is a reliable host that I can remain with as my site grows. A lot of bloggers will start with a cheap starter host and then they have to migrate somewhere else when their blog grows too big. I recommend that you start with a host you can stay with. SiteGround is cheap enough and has the resources to keep you around as your site grows. If you’re already with a host that you’re disappointed with, SiteGround can help you out there as well.

AirBNB –   <—- This is my referral link for AirBNB.

AirBNB has proven to be a low cost method to stay in various parts of the country for longer periods of time. If you sign up through my link, you get $40 off your first AirBNB of $75 or more, and I also get a $20 credit towards a future booking.