Below is a summary of December’s traffic numbers. I really don’t trust these numbers as being remotely accurate. Anyone else have what appears to be super inflated Google Analytics stats?

Social Media

As of January 4, 2017 I have 2,132 Twitter followers. Thanks for following!

As Of January 4, 2017 I have 86 Pinterest followers. I’m still not really utilizing Pinterest.

Blog Traffic

All time page views: 12,202  (Aug 31, 2016-to-December 31, 2016)

Page views in December: 6130 (Up 2608 | 73% increase)

Sessions: 2806(Up 1134|67% increase)

Users: 2342 (Up 1266 | 117% increase)

Unique page views: 3853 (Up 1731 | 81% increase)

New sessions: 79.04% of views (Up 19%)

Bounce rate: 21.60% (Virtually the same)

Comments in December: 92 comments (Down by 10)

Blog Posts in December: 5 (Down by 6)

Alexa Score – Present Day

As of the time of this composition (01/04/17), my Alexa ranking is 587,071 (down from 621,144 last month) overall and 87,447  (up from 73,103) in America.  I don’t have the knowledge to know how “good” of a jump in score that is, but it’s obviously encouraging to see it go in the right direction for the global number. I haven’t been posting as often which might explain the U.S. number going in the wrong direction. The goal of the Yakezie Challenge is to get under 200,000 worldwide.