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How To Start A Blog With Siteground

Dirt Cheap WordPress Blog Hosting

When I knew that I wanted to start a legitimate blog, I knew that I needed a legitimate web host. In years past, I had always defaulted to a certain web host based on recommendations from a high school friend who had sold his website for hundreds of thousands of dollars before he went to college. If you are the guy who sold a website for enough money to buy a big house in the city that I purchased a condo, then you’re the guy I’m asking for web host help.  Unfortunately, in recent years, that host has been acquired, reputations have plummeted  and there are a lot of new players in the web host game.

After a few hours of googling around and asking around, I ended up with SiteGround, as they seem to be a host that I can stay with should my blog grow and I don’t want the hassle of migrating my blog. Their starter package is certainly cheap enough. They also have a great reputation for not having down time which is comforting as a new blogger. The server for my blog is located in the USA, but they also have servers in Amsterdam, London and Singapore for those in other parts of the world.

SiteGround has been incredibly easy to work with so far. I’m so happy with my experience that I’ve actually added them as my very first affiliate link. Perhaps I might recoup some of the slight costs I’ve incurred in starting this blog. That would be an unexpected surprise. I wasn’t planning on publishing this yet, but until September 8, there is as an extra promo that might be of interest to anyone who has stumbled upon this blog, is unhappy with their current web host and is looking to make a change.

Signing up for SiteGround is a very quick and painless process. I’ve actually posted three helpful screen shots immediately below. Click on any of the images and you can get started.  You’ll notice that SiteGround actually offers you the much lower promotional rate for any of the three contract periods offered. Some web hosts will only give you the promotional rate if you agree to sign up for the longest contractual period offered. A lot of people stop blogging a lot sooner than they had anticipated when they began. I mean, writing is a lot of work. Anybody else have twenty plus revisions of a draft before they hit publish, or am I just the perfectionist weirdo, who STILL is likely to have some grammatical mistakes?

For me, it was very important for me to minimize my financial outflow, even if that might cost me more cash in the long run should I actually enjoy the act of being a blogger.  But something tells me if I enjoy it enough, I will find a way to break even. So I did in fact select the one year contract because I don’t know how long I want to run this blog, and I did not want to spend any more cash than was necessary, but I also wanted to stick with a reputable provider that I can stay with should my site grow. SiteGround’s most expensive hosting plan is a whopping $429/month for a dedicated two-CPU server with four 500 GB hard drives and 5 TB of bandwidth. Um….yeah. The odds of me ever requiring that sort of power admittedly seems on the NEVER side, but it’s nice to know that it’s an available option for those with heavy growth.

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How To Start A Blog With SiteGround