Hello new reader!

My name’s TJ and in March 2017, I’ll be heading out on an around-the-country road trip.

Why am I going on an around-the-country road trip?

The short version is that I’m making the most of a previous sub-par financial decision. Six years ago, I allowed myself to be upsold an extended warranty on my brand new 2011 Honda Civic by the flashy sales guy. Six years later, I still have 30,000 miles and another year left on that warranty. You could say that I’m a practical guy. There’s a whole blog post on the long version.

This isn’t your typical travel blog.

There are definitely some recurring themes throughout this blog: my nerdy interest in financial independence and mindful living. Financial independence is defined as the the financial stage where one has reached the point where their assets equal 25x their current annual expenses. Per the Trinity Study, a safe withdrawal of 4% will survive indefinitely. Mindful living is essentially defined as managing your time and money in a way in which you prioritize what’s important to you and you fit everything else in around that.

It is absolutely my plan to continue working after reaching financial independence in order to continue to grow my resources. It would be my end goal to reach financial abundance so that I can give back to the world that has given me so much along the way.

I think that early retirement might not be a specific goal at this point because I don’t have anything to retire to. I very much don’t want to wander the planet alone. However, I do want to give myself the most options in life.

Whoever you are, I’m super stoked that you have been curious enough to discover my place on the internet. Wherever you are reading from, I’m so excited that you are wanting to follow along with me.