Hello reader!

I thought I would take the opportunity to point out some extremely helpful resources that I have utilized on my financial journey as well as in development of this blog. Some of the links on this page are affiliate links.

Soothe Massage – <— This is a referral link for a wonderful in-home massage service.

If you click my link, I get $30 credit towards a future massage and you get $30 off your first massage. $70 for an hour long massage (tip included) seems pretty standard around these parts, but you get the convenience of not leaving your house. I think it’s great to try out and continue to use if you have the ability to convince people to do the same. I wouldn’t personally pay $100 myself, but maybe you would?

SiteGround – Web Host <— This is an affiliate link. 

I spent a few hours researching web hosts for my blog.  My research suggested that SiteGround is a reliable host that I can remain with as my site grows. A lot of bloggers will start with a cheap starter host and then they have to migrate somewhere else when their blog grows too big. I recommend that you start with a host you can stay with. SiteGround is cheap enough and has the resources to keep you around as your site grows. If you’re already with a host that you’re disappointed with, SiteGround can help you out there as well.

AirBNB –   <—- This is my referral link for AirBNB.

AirBNB has proven to be a low cost method to stay in various parts of the country for longer periods of time. If you sign up through my link, you get $35 off your first AirBNB of $75 or more, and I also get a $35 credit towards a future booking.

Term Insurance Brokers – Life & Disability Insurance

I found David on the Bogleheads forum. It was clear that he knew his shit when it comes to disability insurance. He alerted me to a meaningful discount on my policy that I could obtain by temporarily joining an organization for the first year. The group discount however remains forever. I had such a great experience that I went back to David for my 30-year term life insurance a few years later. I never hear from them except for the annual birthday card. Couldn’t ask for better service from an insurance agent.

Brunch & Budget – Financial Planner

Pam has a “Pay what you can” model for her first session. Does it get any better than that? This is not a session that she “wings”. You fill out an extensive forms with all of your financial details (it’s like doing your annual taxes, but so much more detailed and so much more fun!). I picked up on some trends in my spending just by doing the exercise of providing Pam with my raw data.

I consulted Pam in late 2015 when I knew that my financial life was going to change drastically within the next couple years. Her analysis was extremely helpful. I love Pam’s business model because she makes herself accessible to everybody.  In addition, she’s not a newbie. She worked for some major financial companies before she went out on her own.