Happy Monday friends!

I’m not sure how interesting these posts are to read, but I write them for the purposes of archiving my progress. One of my problems over the years has been laziness in the form of outsourcing various data collection, so when I switched my expense monitoring from LearnVest to Mint, I lost all of that historical data. By writing down this information on my blog, it is saved indefinitely and seeing the progression validates my decision to keep writing.

I briefly touched on my September Stats in a different format. For this post and all subsequent traffic updates, I’m following in Graham’s footsteps, as his format for tracking these analytics is effective and very easy to read.

Social Media

As of November 19, 2016, I have 2,103 Twitter followers. Thanks for following!

As Of November 19, 2016, I have 3 Pinterest followers. Clearly I am not utilizing Pinterest at this time. Something unexpected is that because my Pinterest is linked to my personal Facebook, I had someone who I didn’t tell about the blog follow it. Yikes. I guesss this place isn’t so much of a secret. Not that blogging undery our name can ever be a secret. I am super curious to see how much it effects traffic once I do share this on my personal Facebook.

Blog Traffic

All time page views: 2550  (Aug 31, 2016-to-October 31, 2016)

Page views in October: 1328 (Up 205 | 18% increase)

Sessions: 671 (Up 133 | 25% increase)

Users: 488 (Up 171 | 54% increase)

Unique page views: 1064 (Up 207 | 24% increase)

New sessions: 65.87% of views (Up 16.46%)

Bounce rate: 60.95 (Worse by 2.21%)

Comments in October: 95 comments (Up by 9)

Blog Posts in October: 7 (Down by 10)

Random Facts For October

Most people who are reading the blog are using Google Chrome as their browser. (High five!). The next most frequently used browser is Safari.

Most of my traffic was in the form of new readers. 75% of the visitors are reading in America, 11% in Canada and 4% in the United Kingdom. Other countries that rounded it out: India, Australia, Italy, Ukraine, Japan, New Zealand and Thailand.

About 40% of readers are using Windows as an operating system, followed by iOS and Macintosh. We even have a few Linux readers.

40% of traffic came from social media, 28% from referrals and 27% direct traffic. 3% from organic search engines. Hopefully the latter will increase over time as I start to make more of an effort to promote this place.

Nearly all of the social media traffic was via Twitter and about 22% of my referral traffic in October came thanks to my FinCon recap being posted on Physician On Fire’s Sunday Best. Another 20% came from readers of one of my favorite bloggers, Gwen, who blogs over at Fiery Millennials.

Alexa Score – Present Day

As of the time of this composition (11/21/16), my Alexa ranking is 935,655 overall and 132,567 in America.  I don’t know what the rankings were in October, but I do know that I started using Alexa on November 5th and in the last two weeks, my Alexa score improved from these figures: 1,340,695 worldwide, and 233,170 in America.  I don’t have the knowledge to know how “good” of a jump in score that is, but it’s obviously encouraging to see it go in the right direction. The goal of the Yakezie Challenge is to get under 200,000 worldwide.