Below is a summary of November’s numbers. I’m pretty sure the traffic is inflated from that Russian spambot thing..

Social Media

As of December 10, 2016, I have 2,103 Twitter followers. Thanks for following!

As Of December 10, 2016, I have 86 Pinterest followers, an increase of 83 from a month ago. Pretty cool. I’m still not really utilizing Pinterest.

Blog Traffic

All time page views: 6072  (Aug 31, 2016-to-November 30, 2016)

Page views in October: 3522 (Up 2194 | 165% increase)

Sessions: 1672 (Up 1001 | 149% increase)

Users: 1076 (Up 588 | 120% increase)

Unique page views: 2122 (Up 1058 | 99% increase)

New sessions: 60.77% of views (Down 9%)

Bounce rate: 20.19 (Virtually the same)

Comments in November: 112 comments (Up by 17)

Blog Posts in November: 11 (Up by 4)


Alexa Score – Present Day

As of the time of this composition (12/14/16), my Alexa ranking is 621,144 (down from 935,655 last month) overall and 73,103 (down from 132,567) in America.  I don’t have the knowledge to know how “good” of a jump in score that is, but it’s obviously encouraging to see it go in the right direction. The goal of the Yakezie Challenge is to get under 200,000 worldwide.