It’s true! I’ve contracted a nutritionist for a six week package to help me with cleaning up my diet.  I actually found her via this inspiring minimalist article. How cool would it be to downsize drastically and go live in a tiny hut with only a outdoor shower/bathroom on the beautiful island of Maui? (I’m told that particular one only costs $800/mo!) If I found a woman who would be down with that lifestyle, I just might propose…now don’t start e-mailing me all at once….

In all seriousness, my diet has been pretty garbage for years. More out of laziness than any sort of cost minimization initiative. I have to assume that one reason I need quarterly dental cleanings rather than semi-annual is because of my garbage diet.

Between auto maintenance, dental cleaning, DMV renewal, and attempts at improving my nutrition, I’d be very shocked if my September savings rate even gets into double digits. And that’s totally okay.

I had joked on Twitter about doing 35 pasta lunches if I signed up for the Olive Garden unlimited pasta pass, where I would weigh myself every day, keep track of what I eat and what I exercise, and see the effect on my weight, how I feel, and all that jazz….but what if I still did all of that, just without the overconsumption of pasta part?

Temporary Blog Transition

So with that said, for the most part, we’re going to switch gears from money to nutrition until at least the end of October. Money is still a component here, but it’s very secondary to the health aspects.

What sorts of dietary changes will I be making? Well, it’s hard to know what will stick because I can’t know what I’m craving until I start actually trying to cut various things out of my diet.

Dietary Changes

I’m definitely cutting out dairy. No more cheese, milkshakes, ice cream, frozen yogurt or any of that. I know. It sounds a little extreme, and for me, the big one out of all those is going to be the cheese. I already pass on it when I order breakfast stuff out, but I’m a pretty big fan of pizza and I will definitely miss the melted cheesy yumminess of pizza. I have some digestive issues with dairy so I’m going to do this for the six weeks to see if I notice a change in my digestive habits.

I’ll also be trying to stay away from refined grains.  No effing idea what a refined grain is before you clicked that? Same here.  Basically every carb that tastes delicious.  No more pizza, toast, fried rice, tortillas. Tacos and fried/white rice are pretty big staples in my diet. My sister happened to order a pizza without cheese the other day, so that’s always an option if I decide to bring back the “bad carbs” but keep the cheese out.

I’ll at least be cooking my own breakfasts. I bought a carton of eggs and a bag of baby potatoes. So….breakfast will be scrambled eggs and with some sliced up baby potoatoes thrown on the pan. Protein and carbs. Pretty basic, but healthier than a breakfast sandwich or breakfast burrito. Also a lot cheaper.

I don’t think it’s realistic for me to go from basically all meals out to cooking all my own meals, but I can certainly set my alarm for a half hour earlier in the morning and make my own eggs etc. vs. just buying a breakfast sandwich, a breakfast burrito, or a couple of donuts on the way to work…..and this morning I eas able to cook, eat and clean up and I was finished less than five minutes after I normally wake up! Winning.

I need to eat a lot more vegetables. I’d say my vegetable intake has historically been on sort of a bi-weekly schedule. That is, I probably have vegetables as part of my meal once every two weeks. I just don’t enjoy eating those little green guys at all. My plan is to have vegetables at lunch every day. So, if ya’ll have a Flame Broiler or Waba Grill, they have chicken bowls, but at some of those places you can get veggies instead of rice. And that’s what my lunch will typically be.

Thoughts on Supplements?

I’ll be adding some supplements as well. The supplements I ordered: Collagen Peptides, Glutamine and a ProBiotic. I also ordered a greens supplement too, but let’s see how this all goes first. Supplements aren’t cheap!


Reader – Have you gone through a nutritious phase of your life and maybe concluded that supplements are pretty much hocus pocus?  I’ve always wondered about placebo effect with this sort of thing.  Definitely let me know your thoughts in the comment section!