New Composition for Piano and Orchestra!

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Nearly 8 years ago, I was still a a college student who had no clue what the hell he wanted to do with his life. By a rather significant margin, the best part about the college experience was discovering that a local orchestra that was actually performing my favorite genre of music in public. Film music. 
Paul Henning and TJ Pridonoff
That’s me and my friend Paul. I was still in college then. He’s the concertmaster for my favorite orchestra and has been ever since my college days. He’s played violin on some of your favorite movie soundtracks, such as X Men: Apocalypse and the songs in Frozen. He even was involved with the film score for the most recent Star Wars film. 
One perk of living in SoCal is the proximity to this music scene. I’ve received nothing but kindness from all of the session musicians I’ve met and connected with over the years. The most important thing I learned is that these are normal people living normal lives – they just have really cool jobs.
If I’m honest though, I haven’t been the best of friends to most of my musician buddies. Not going to as many concerts as I would like because it’s “too far of a drive” or I “don’t want to spend the money”. Don’t be that person, people. There’s more to life than money. And, I mean, the main reason I talked myself out of not pursuing the arts as a career in the first place was that I’d make more money doing something else so that I could financially support the arts. Uh, yeah, that didn’t really happen either. When I do settle down somewhere, I assume I will pursue some job related to the arts.
In addition to being a damn talented violinist, on the side, Paul managed to compose this entire album for piano and orchestra. It was inspired by his train journeys in between Los Angeles and the Pacific Northwest. I’ve read about and seen photos of these train journeys over the years on Facebook, and I’ve often thought about taking the Amtrak up North so that I could experience that journey for myself.
For me, this album is the next best thing. To hear Paul’s experience expressed through his music. This is fantastic majestic melodic music that anyone should appreciate. The album is 41 minutes long and it costs $7.92 as an Amazon MP3 download. Well worth it.
Want to get to know Paul better? They recently did an article on him in Washington State Magazine. In fact, Paul did not set out to be a professional musician when he started at Washington State.  He was going to pursue civil engineering! Check out the interview for more about what it’s like to work under John Williams! He also touches on orchestrating, and performing as a session musician in Hollywood. As a fan of this genre of music, it’s awesome to read all that behind the scenes stuff.
If you’re feeling convinced to check out this amazing music, there’s a music video on YouTube and 8 sound clips on the web page for the album. If the sound clips convince you, it’s available on iTunes, CDBaby and Amazon.
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Clearly, you don’t need to be “financially independent” or “early retired” to appreciate life choices such as slow travel. You can in fact do it while working in the motion picture industry in expensive Los Angeles.  This place on the internet should not be limited to my stories. We can learn so much from stories like Paul’s.
Readers – do you have any niche hobbies that we don’t usually read about in this corner of the internet? What are your favorite genres of music?