Hello friends!

So the previous month of this little blog here has been a bit of a sneaky beta test. My blog has been around for a month and I’ve published an absurd quantity of posts. I’m more proud of some of them than others.  I do wonder if the frequency of posts might have overwhelmed potential readers from investing the time to follow along on my journey. The main reason I posted so much was that I needed to devote enough time to answer some questions for myself.

The Questions

Do I like writing? Yes.

Do I like finding images and editing them? Not so much. But I was given tips on how to be more efficient and successful in this area.

Do I like commenting on other people’s stuff? Of course yes.  Been commenting well before I started this blog.

Is applying for and implementing affiliate links easy? YES! Super duper easy! I thought there might be minimum traffic requirements, or quotas to meet, and while every affiliate platform is obviously going to be different, there are definitely some programs that don’t care that you are just starting out.

Redirecting my Focus.

I will be drastically scaling back the quantity of posts, and by taking my focus away from writing, this will give me more time to find / create better images and work on building my social media presence in preparation for the main event on this blog.

Let’s not kid anybody: the whole experience of a “mini retirement” and going on an extensive road trip is a lot more exciting to read about than why you should buy life insurance or volunteer to be on your HOA’s board of directors.

I can only write so many “well, I’m not ready to talk about the road trip, but I’ll talk about this other thing that’s not even remotely related to the road trip and might even bore people” posts.

I have heavily edited or nuked entirely some of my existing posts.

I’m proud of all the authenticity that I’ve felt comfortable showing. On my previous personal blog, I would always delete stuff the following morning because I wasn’t sure if I really wanted to publish it out to the world, but I didn’t do that with this blog. I don’t ever expect to stop writing authentically, but some of the things I put up just aren’t in alignment with my original vision for the blog, which is to document a road trip and hopefully inspire others to take a similar risk in their own life, whether it be a road trip, a gap year abroad, a cross country move, or a drastic career change.

I’m narrowing the focus of this blog.

I want to inspire the random people who find this place. I’m not going to tell them how easy it is to quit their job, but if I’m transparent about what I was able to accomplish in the short term by cutting back on some creature comforts and luxuries, maybe somebody else will do the same thing.  We all have our own financial (and psychological) comfort zones, but there isn’t a rigidly defined asset or income level, or maximum debt exposure level required to take some chances in your life and shining too many lights on any of those side topics might be a distraction from the potential reader appreciating the whole road trip experience and applying it to wherever they may be in their financial or life journey.

Blog Stats

According to my Google Analytics, I’ve had 1179 page views so far.  My hosting package was purchased assuming 1000 monthly page views. Hopefully SiteGround lets me slide on the slight overage. 🙂 I’ve had a 57% bounce rate which means just under half of you aren’t just clicking one page and then saying sayonara to my crazy ass. That’s so reassuring. I was able to achieve this with zero promotion other than throwing my blog posts on Twitter with the occasional second tweet later in the day. Some of you kind souls actually re-tweeted me or linked to my posts on your own. I I did not expect this, and I very much appreciate it.

Mad props to Justin for leaving the most prolific amount of comments.  🙂

What you can expect from this blog for October

I will be going to a Monday posting schedule effective immediately:

10/3: State of the Blog Update

10/10: September Expense Summary & Commentary. I will in fact use hard numbers for how much I spent. I was going to do this for the road trip, but I might as well start now.

10/17: September Savings Progress and Commentary. I will be using hard numbers for this as well.

10/24: October Fitness & Nutrition Update. Unless I think of something better. 😉

10/31: SURPRISE ANNOUNCEMENT! So much excitement!

Five Month Money Challenge

Starting with this month, any penny I don’t spend is going right into my short term savings account. Even if the market crashes. I won’t be doing net worth updates. Showing people what can be achieved with buckling down and committing to a short term savings goal is more interesting than vaguely describing the effectiveness of my long term investments. There will be no dividend reinvestment (except in retirement accounts).  So the less spendy I am, the more cash I will have, and the more cash I have, the longer I can support myself on the road and beyond. I also have a lot of possessions to sell or donate in the coming months, so it will definitely be interesting to see how much cash that all generates.

Final Thoughts

I absolutely expect my traffic to go down during this period, but this is okay. I’d rather invest in some other areas for my blog than rush my writing and put out content that I’m only mildly passionate about. If you’re reading this, I probably value your opinion. Please give me your two cents via the contact page.