My DAF is Up 3.75%!

While trying to plan my road trip itinerary, I stumbled upon the Little Hollywood Movie Museum in Kanab, Utah. I’ll only be spending 1 night in Kanab during my road trip, but I absolutely love what these guys are doing. The Little Hollywood Movie Museum has restored and maintained some movie sets from back in the old days when westerns were filmed in this part of Utah. The price of entry to tour these sets is the absolute best price you could ask for, FREE. If you won’t be in Kanab, Utah any time soon, you can check out the embedded video above.

Ya’ll might remember that I opened a donor advised fund late last year. I funded it with $17,000. The tax man will be returning me just under $6,000 for my generosity.

As of today, my donor advised fund is w0rth $17,646.50.

Therefore, I potentially have an extra $646.50 available to give away without me having to sweat one bit. That is pretty awesome.

There obviously won’t be this sort of magical growth every year, but over the long term, most of us certainly are expecting the stock market to provide very favorable returns vs. most of the alternatives. Investing for charity in this way is even more exciting because somebody else gets to reap the rewards from the compounded growth.

This is what is so awesome about the DAF. When the stock market does well, the amount I can distribute out the donor advised fund just magically increases without requiring me to dip into my initial seed money or needing to write a check out of my own personal bank account. Who doesn’t get excited about free $$!?

I have in fact authorized my very first grant and it’s fitting that it’s somewhere I plan on stopping by on the road Trip. The Little Hollywood Movie Museum will soon be receiving a small grant out of my DAF. Assuming the board of trustees at Fidelity Charitable approves it.

Despite not being any sort of avid Golden Age Western movie buff (though I do happen to love the movie soundtracks to The Big Country, (the original) True Grit, and How The West Was Won to name a few),I think what this organization is doing is important. How many of the actors, composers and screenwriters from these films are completely forgotten today outside of some very niche fan groups?

Regardless of that though, I would like everyone who is considering a Western Road Trip in America to be able to have the opportunity to explore this museum for free. I’m happy to be in a position to help out and I hope that the small grant helps them in some way.