Coming into Flagstaff, I was reminded of one of the things that I hate in regards to driving even more than the aforementioned sunrise, sunset and darkness…driving in cities. You wouldn’t think that Flagstaff is this huge urban city, but my intended lunch spot was in the historic downtown with essentially nothing but street parking. I’d see some parking lots, but they would say “for ____ customer’s only”. I later learned that I could have parked at the train station for free for a couple hours. Oh well. I ended up abandoning those initial lunch plans and found a Whole Foods. I thought I was being “frugal” by picking up a couple chicken legs to have for dinner in addition to my slice of pizza lunch. While my first night at a Best Western had a mini fridge, Motel 6 did not….so I had a big lunch. Ha. Of course, I can’t complain too much, the Motel 6 was dirt cheap at $40/night. I’m told the Motel 6 can easily be double that in summer. Motel 6 also did not provide WiFi or, shockingly, shampoo. I’m glad I happened to pack a travel sized shampoo.

I ended up heading over to the Lowell Observatory on my first afternoon in Flagstaff. It was pretty quick to see everything they had going on during the day, it probably would have been better to go at night to look at the stars through their telescopes. I have no idea why WordPress rotated the below image.

Lowell Observatory

My second day in Flagstaff was entirely a Grand Canyon tour. I’m glad I booked a tour as I probably would not have been able to see all of what I saw on my own in the allotted time.

Grand Canyon

Unfortunately, I also got some sunburns, despite being dressed like I’m possibly in Alaskan summer? I also had the pleasure of going to the local Super Walmart for some aloe vera lotion. Based on the above photo, it’s probably not a shocker to learn that I’m sunburned on my nose and neck. Whoops.

That Grand Canyon tour wore me out. It might just be the three days straight of being on the road whether as a driver or a passenger. I’m very much looking forward to staying in one spot for a while after Friday. My Grand Canyon guide was awesome and he gave me lots of tips for the other parks that I plan on seeing in the next couple months. He mentioned that when it snows in Flagstaff, everything shuts down. It sounds like you can get by as a winter wimp in Flagstaff. I missed the snow by just one week apparently. Their summers are a lot more mild than Phoenix. I wouldn’t mind spending more time in Flagstaff. The bummer is that there aren’t too many hotels in the historic downtown area, but you can uber in for cheap, I would imagine. I should have done that myself, but after a long day of driving and/or exploring, I just want to chill out. What’s interesting about Flagstaff is that the sales tax is 11%, this is absolutely massive compared to the 7.75% i’m used to paying in California.

Did I mention that gasoline is dirt cheap once you get outside of California? Pretty sure I paid $3.09/gallon when I filled up before leaving…fun fact about gasoline, I saw this truck stop gas station from the interstate about 5 miles before Kingman, AZ. It was $2.39/gallon for 87 unleaded….as I kept driving along Route 66 to get back on the interstate, there was a “Canada Mart” which was at $2.19/gallon. The Chevron that was closest to the interstate at the next exit was $2.59/gallon. It’s shocking how much variance there is. Again, sorry for the rotated image, when I uploaded to WordPress, it rotated for some reason. I am currently connected through a Mobile Hotspot, but I don’t know why that would cause the photos to rotate.


Til next time….