Hello friends! I had a super relaxing weekend. Spent the weekend out in the desert and only took my mini laptop. I did not remember my WP Admin or wordpress.com passwords, so I was conveniently forced to step away from the blog. It was a welcome break from all of this, but it is not so much fun trying to cram a past in under the wire before Monday morning. You know what place was NOT crowded on Black Friday? The local grocery store! Not a soul in sight.

It was a productive weekend in terms of finding good deals as well as actual free cash.

Black Friday Deals I Took Advantage Of

Amazon Music Unlimited Credit

Amazon is giving away $20 towards Amazon Music Unlimited if you purchase any CD or Vinyl sold by Amazon.com (amazon marketplace sellers do not count), so I found the cheapest CD I could find (a $3 classical CD) and Amazon is going to give me $20. Seriously.  I already subscribed to Amazon Music Unlimited which is $79/year, so I guess that means’ when it renews they will only charge me $59. Cool deal. $79/year to stream their entire library seems dirt cheap considering buying a single album download is $8. I expect that streaming access is definitely going to cut down my music purchases going forward. I also pay Amazon $25/year to cloud store the music files that are on my local hard drive which may or may not be in Amazon’s library. So I bought some random CD for $3.00 that i’ll probably just donate to the local library and Amazon will give me $20 for doing so. Who doesn’t love free $$$ ?

New Laptop

I’m sort of in the market for a new Laptop to replace my current desktop and netbook while on my road trip. I have had my eyes on a laptop from PCM. Specifically, an HP business laptop. 15.6″ Screen with a Intel Core i5-6200U Dual Core 2.3 GHZ processor, 8GB of RAM, 256GB SSD hard drive and an optical drive for $479. I found something better, which very well could have been an error price:

Lenovo E570

• Processor: Intel Core i7-7500U Processor (4MB Cache, up to 3.5Ghz)
• Operating System: Windows 10 Home 64
• Display: 15.6 FHD(1920×1080) IPS Non-Touch
• Display Panel: 15.6″ FHD(1920×1080) IPS LED Blacklight AntiGlare Black
• Memory: 16GB(8+8) DDR4 2400MHz SODIMM
• Graphics: NV Geforce GTX950M 2GB
• Camera: 720p HD Camera with MIC
• Hard Drive: 256GB SSD PCIe-NVMe OPAL2.0
• Optical Device: DVD Recordable

The price was just over $521. In adddition, I saved 10% because I ordered through the Ebates portal. If you join Ebates through my aforementioned referral link, you could receive $10 after making a $25 purchase through the Ebates portal.

There is some concern that Lenovo might actually cancel all of these orders, but if it does go through I would have effectively doubled my RAM, obtained a faster processor, and better graphics for a slightly lower price. If it doesn’t work out…then hey, there’s ~$500 I didn’t spend. I could go for the HP laptop at PCM or continue the pondering in regards to going the Chromebook route.

Tax Software

This past weekend, Newegg was giving away H&R Block at Home Deluxe for 50% off with promo codes that you could find on the FatWallet or SlickDeals forums. I’m sure there will be better deals than $22.50 going forward on tax software. However, I really prefer to have the software prior to year end to play around with my numbers. I’ve always used TurboTax in the past, but since I sold my rental property last year, my taxes are much simpler and don’t mind trying H&R this year since it’s discounted much more than TurboTax at this time.

Readers – did you snatch up any Black Friday deals?