One of my favorite things that I’ve seen some bloggers do is give shout outs to other articles that they’ve read recently. A lot of people don’t do this anymore because it effects their SEO rankings. There are so many writers out there and it’s impossible to keep track of everybody.  I decided that I’m writing for humans and not for robots, so below are a few of the articles that I noticed throughout this past month.

Some Awesome Posts

New Blogs I Found

Millennial Money – Grant invests in domain names. He turned down $45,000 for the subject domain. Do I see another potential side hustle in my future?

This Blonde Abroad – Steph is a Canadian, but she spent a lot of time in America earlier this year. This was quite helpful as I plan out my road trip. I found it very interesting to get her take on the “culture shock” in places such as the American south. This is a fantastic read.

Rapunzel’s Passport – Katy is in the UK, and she recently wrote this fantastic post about why your friends don’t read your blog. This post absolutely applies to any blog niche, not just the travel bloggers. Anyone else guilty of playing with the SEO plugin to make sure your red dots become green dots? *raises hand* Anyone guilty of going into Twitter time out for following too many people in a day? *Raises hand* No green dots on this post. Do I care?

She Went To Spain – My Friend Alyssa wrote this post to answer a question I asked her: “What the heck have you been doing in New Jersey since you got back from Spain?” It’s a good reminder that not everybody who you read about who does a year abroad intends to be permanently nomadic.

Castaway with Crystal – Crystal rants about the excessive littering that she noticed at a national park in Sydney, Australia. Disgusting photos included. One thing I’ll say about my Australasian adventure from a few years ago is that in Wellington, New Zealand, the locals definitely got on the tourists’ case for not throwing their trash away. That was awesome to see.  Keep our national parks (and streets) clean. Is it that much effort to find a trash bin for your garbage?

Journalist on the Run – Janet has a confession about her experience at the Maldives. I couldn’t stop laughing, which I feel absolutely horrible about.

One Chel of An Adventure –  Chelsea is a 23 year old Texan who said sayonara to her corporate career and is an au pair in Australia. Such a fun story. In this post, she writes about the things she’ll miss about Texas. I should do a similar post about California one of these days. I’m too old to get a working holiday visa in Australia (max age for an American is 30, they might be increasing it to 35?), but I have until age 35 to do the same in New Zealand, and with the favorable exchange rate, I strongly considered it, but elected to do the American road trip instead.