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I Hired A Nutritional Therapist

by on September 19, 2016
Photo of Food

It’s true! I’ve contracted a nutritionist for a six week package to help me with cleaning up my diet.  I actually found her via this inspiring minimalist article. How cool would it be to downsize drastically and go live in a tiny hut with only a outdoor shower/bathroom on the beautiful island of Maui? (I’m told that particular one only costs $800/mo!) If I found a woman who would be down with that lifestyle, I just might propose…now don’t start e-mailing me all at once….

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What If I Deflated My Lifestyle ?

by on September 15, 2016

There is is one question that I have been asked a million times since I graduated college and started making rumblings of relocating: “Why would you ever leave Southern California? OK, you can leave Southern California, but you’re moving somewhere “fun” like San Francisco, Hawaii, Boston, Washington DC, or New York, right?”

A brief disclaimer in that I’m not intending this post to be any sort of complaint or rant about the cost of living in HCOL areas. It The cost is what the market dictates. I’m also definitely not intending to “judge” or “shame” anyone who willingly spends more money to live in an expensive area. I want you to live your life wherever it makes you happiest because it’s your life and you should be happy. I’ve said before that money isn’t everything. In my particular case, I see a very intriguing location arbitrage opportunity where I can essentially inflate the value of my current dollars.  


Where I Spend Money Today

by on September 13, 2016
Barcelona Tapas and Iberian Ham

I hope everyone had a super weekend. I attended my first local Mr Money Mustache gathering here in Southern California. Someone created a Facebook group, so it’s sort of legit, right? I have individually met a couple people from that forum over the years, but this was my first actual group outing. It was a poolside pot luck at one of the member’s home. It was a good time. Fun to finally put some faces to the forum names. Everyone’s most likely in a different place financially, but to hear people talking openly about investments, real estate, expenses was unusually fascinating. I may have said before (and clearly prove below) that I don’t necessarily identify with every single tenet of Mustachianism, but I look forward to the next event for sure. If you’re wondering what I brought: I splurged for a party tray of chicken fried rice from the Chinese take out place across the street from my apartment. I think this is where I really don’t identify with the DIY nature of mustachianism. I’m fairly lazy. A lot of people will spend their time and work hard to make a dish at home, but I’ll just spend the $25 because it’s easy and I know it tastes delicious. if The regular size portion usually lasts me a few meals, so the “party tray” size was indeed incredibly massive, but I’m told that somebody finished it off for dinner last night, which means it didn’t go to waste, so I’m happy!

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Why You SHOULD Buy Life Insurance When Young, Healthy And Single

by on September 12, 2016
Why You Should Buy Life Insurance When Young & Single

Life insurance is something that you just don’t hear a lot about from single unattached millennials. I don’t know if we think we are invincible or that the bad shit that randomly happens to anybody on a given day will just never actually happen to us, or maybe the stereotype that most of us are just plain broke is even more accurate than some of us want to believe, but I read a lot of personal financial blogs, and this just isn’t a topic that I see commonly written about. Every now and then you might see sponsored post…but this isn’t that. But, hey, If someone DOES want to sponsor this post, feel free to send me some cash. 😀

There was such a reaction to my tease of this post over the weekend on Twitter, that I’m loading this up on a Monday instead of the post I originally had planned. 🙂

A lot of the frugal folks out there will tell you that if you’re young and healthy, you don’t need life insurance, that it’s a waste of money. I’m going to tell you why I think it is penny wise, dollar foolish choice to listen to all of these people.

Just a reminder to the reader that while I’m definitely in a good financial position compared to the average millennial, I’m not financially independent, I’ve never had a six figure income, I don’t have a pension, I don’t have a million dollars, and to my knowledge, my sperm is not yet infertile. If one or more of these things happened to be true, it might change my opinion regarding the usefulness of my currently owned life insurance.

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The Fear of the Road

by on September 8, 2016
Fears of Life on the Road

I made an epic-length Facebook announcement a few weeks ago regarding my upcoming extended road trip.

I’ve had a few in-person interactions since then about the post and it almost feels like a game of telephone tag where the information just  gets lost in translation somewhere. Even some of the comments on the post itself seemed like they didn’t even read the post….

TJ! I’ll be in Colorado for the next month. Hit me up if you want me to show you around.  Thanks, that is kind of you, but I’m working for another six months? 

Did you quit your job yet? Not til the End of February…..

How long is your road trip? As long as it needs to be….

There are so many more questions, and I know this is a very foreign concept for a lot of my peers who at this point either have families of their own to support or are riddled in debt and can’t imagine ever taking a career break, or let’s be honest, some of them just prefer to live the baller lifestyle because their parents spoiled them and they don’t know anything else OR, they came from real poverty and are overcompensating because actual poverty is scary AF. Ain’t nothing wrong with any of those life choices.  That’s just not where I’m currently at in my life.

I’m glad that  people are enthusiastic about my road trip and want to know more. In some regards, I regret making the announcement so early because I have so much longer to wait and I don’t want to just look past the next six months of living. When people ask me about it, I think about it. But I don’t really have much to say because I haven’t planned much. I still have so much I need to take care of before I even think about specific dates of departure and specific dates I’ll be rolling through a given town.

What will I do with all my possessions that won’t fit in the car? Where will I have my mail sent for the duration? What phone carrier should I use? What health insurance will work best? The great thing is that these are all questions that anybody who is considerign something like this is going to have those questions, so it should be semi-interesting blog content for a bigger niche when I get around to tackling it. But I’m not ready to think about those things.

Sure, I can get excited for my road trip by reading about other peoples road trips, I read about how they had planned for it, I read about where they have been and what they thought the highlights were. But the road trips I read about belong to somebody else. And all different kinds of road trips. Short road trips. Long road trips. Foreign road trips. People trying to work electronically on the road. Folks blogging for money. Otherss manufacturing products inside of their RV and selling them on the internet. People getting sponsored to post all of the curated content on Instagram. Any possible story you could think of to support yourself on the road is out there. The thing that all of those stories have in common? They aren’t mine. Those will never be my road trip experience, because I’m not on those road trips.

I might generally think, “well, these are the 30 states I haven’t been to yet, so I’d generally like to make my way through those if the route seems logical, so that I can take advantage of the fact that I don’t have to be anywhere in particular for a while.” And it’s true. But it’s also a very vague answer. And there’s a reason for that.

Even though I’ve announced that it’s happening, I’ve created a blog for it so that I can get in the habit of writing, I’ve told people that I’ll def be hitting them up when I roll through their town (the most exciting part! I went to two blogger events in Las Vegas and those are some of my favorite humans ever. if I haven’t told you yet, doesn’t mean I don’t want to. I literally have no idea where I will be or when.) But the reality of why I can’t give a specific answer about the intended itinerary of my road trip?

The reality is that even though I know that I’m going to go through with it, I still have a lot of fears about just getting in that car and actually doing it. Keep reading if you are intrigued about the fears.

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How I Traveled Europe In My Own Hotel Room For a Month For $3300.

by on September 7, 2016

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Deeply Discounted On Contiki Holidays

Hello friends!

I’m so glad that people enjoyed my Money Isn’t Everything post yesterday! I even saw a RT of that post got liked on Twitter by the Broke Millennial! That’s some pretty legit validation. Yesterday was the most traffic on the blog so far. Thank you so much for your interest and your support.

As long as people are reading and commenting, I have no reason not to keep writing. I have to assume that I’ll eventually run out of interesting topics since I literally have almost six months to wait before my epic road trip begins, but I’ll keep going with this as long as you guys keep going with it.

I have a super special blog post today. This was written over a year and a half ago and has been sitting as an unpublished draft on my old personal blog when I felt some awkwardness of “coming out” as a personal financial nerd.   I never had the courage to hit publish, but it’s a rather fun story for anyone who has lucked out with an incredible travel deal. I’ve added some current-day commentary in bolded italics where relevant. I’m not sure that you’d be able to duplicate my exact experience, but you can definitely utilize some of these strategies to save some money on your future trips.


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Money Isn’t Everything.

by on September 6, 2016
Relaxed Corgi

I hope all my of compatriots had a relaxing Three Day Weekend!  I ate wayyyyy too much BBQ. If you’ve seen that one viral video of the “bacon explosion” which is a whole bunch of Italian Sauage wrapped inside a whole bunch of Bacon, with even more bacon on the inside layer, then that’s exactly what I had except we did it 93% lean ground beef instead of the Italian Sausage. And zucchini tots, which was grated zucchini mixed with eggs, cheese and breadcrumbs rolled into little tot-like figures.  It was pretty bomb. Anyways, my Twitter followers apparently doubled over the weekend which is pretty awesome to see. Thanks to some of my friends for spreading the word that my rambles are evidently worth a read. Anyways, I was reading the comment section on a fairly well known personal financial blog the other day, and there was a comment that sort of rubbed me the wrong way. The comment might be innocent enough, but the implication of what the comment seems to be saying is something that just doesn’t feel quite right.


How To Start A Blog With Siteground

by on September 5, 2016
SiteGround Special Offer

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How To Start A Blog With Siteground

Dirt Cheap WordPress Blog Hosting

When I knew that I wanted to start a legitimate blog, I knew that I needed a legitimate web host. In years past, I had always defaulted to a certain web host based on recommendations from a high school friend who had sold his website for hundreds of thousands of dollars before he went to college. If you are the guy who sold a website for enough money to buy a big house in the city that I purchased a condo, then you’re the guy I’m asking for web host help.  Unfortunately, in recent years, that host has been acquired, reputations have plummeted  and there are a lot of new players in the web host game.

After a few hours of googling around and asking around, I ended up with SiteGround, as they seem to be a host that I can stay with should my blog grow and I don’t want the hassle of migrating my blog. Their starter package is certainly cheap enough. They also have a great reputation for not having down time which is comforting as a new blogger. The server for my blog is located in the USA, but they also have servers in Amsterdam, London and Singapore for those in other parts of the world.

SiteGround has been incredibly easy to work with so far. I’m so happy with my experience that I’ve actually added them as my very first affiliate link. Perhaps I might recoup some of the slight costs I’ve incurred in starting this blog. That would be an unexpected surprise. I wasn’t planning on publishing this yet, but until September 8, there is as an extra promo that might be of interest to anyone who has stumbled upon this blog, is unhappy with their current web host and is looking to make a change.


First Ever! Financial Update

by on September 2, 2016


It’s that time of the month when a lot of bloggers throw up their net worth for the world to see. Unfortunately, when you are blogging under your actual name, you’re not so comfortable throwing your actual numbers out into the world. However, for all you number nerds out there, I definitely do have some number posts planned for you. After I embark on my road trip, I definitely plan to keep track of my freelancer income (which I hope is more than $0 some months!) But more interestingly, I plan to keep track of my expenses and see if I go over or under budget. A budget I haven’t created yet. If I go over budget, then the indefinite road trip will definitely have to have a definite end. lol. I’m not sure that I’ll do another pre-trip financial update, because there isn’t much else to say. Anyways, Here are some free tools that I use every month, as well as a general overview of where I’m currently at. Sans numbers.

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