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Money Isn’t Everything.

by on September 6, 2016
Relaxed Corgi

I hope all my of compatriots had a relaxing Three Day Weekend!  I ate wayyyyy too much BBQ. If you’ve seen that one viral video of the “bacon explosion” which is a whole bunch of Italian Sauage wrapped inside a whole bunch of Bacon, with even more bacon on the inside layer, then that’s exactly what I had except we did it 93% lean ground beef instead of the Italian Sausage. And zucchini tots, which was grated zucchini mixed with eggs, cheese and breadcrumbs rolled into little tot-like figures.  It was pretty bomb. Anyways, my Twitter followers apparently doubled over the weekend which is pretty awesome to see. Thanks to some of my friends for spreading the word that my rambles are evidently worth a read. Anyways, I was reading the comment section on a fairly well known personal financial blog the other day, and there was a comment that sort of rubbed me the wrong way. The comment might be innocent enough, but the implication of what the comment seems to be saying is something that just doesn’t feel quite right.


How To Start A Blog With Siteground

by on September 5, 2016
SiteGround Special Offer

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How To Start A Blog With Siteground

Dirt Cheap WordPress Blog Hosting

When I knew that I wanted to start a legitimate blog, I knew that I needed a legitimate web host. In years past, I had always defaulted to a certain web host based on recommendations from a high school friend who had sold his website for hundreds of thousands of dollars before he went to college. If you are the guy who sold a website for enough money to buy a big house in the city that I purchased a condo, then you’re the guy I’m asking for web host help.  Unfortunately, in recent years, that host has been acquired, reputations have plummeted  and there are a lot of new players in the web host game.

After a few hours of googling around and asking around, I ended up with SiteGround, as they seem to be a host that I can stay with should my blog grow and I don’t want the hassle of migrating my blog. Their starter package is certainly cheap enough. They also have a great reputation for not having down time which is comforting as a new blogger. The server for my blog is located in the USA, but they also have servers in Amsterdam, London and Singapore for those in other parts of the world.

SiteGround has been incredibly easy to work with so far. I’m so happy with my experience that I’ve actually added them as my very first affiliate link. Perhaps I might recoup some of the slight costs I’ve incurred in starting this blog. That would be an unexpected surprise. I wasn’t planning on publishing this yet, but until September 8, there is as an extra promo that might be of interest to anyone who has stumbled upon this blog, is unhappy with their current web host and is looking to make a change.

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