Since embarking on what was once deemed a “pretend retirement”, I’ve had a goal of accomplishing one task per day. One thing I disliked about some of my travel adventures in the past was that I would feel incredibly rushed which quickly led to exhaustion. I believe it might have been the Groovies where I first read about the idea of accomplishing one major task per day in retirement?

On Monday, I went to the Nuclear Science and History Museum and the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center.

On Tuesday, I had a dental cleaning.

On Wednesday, I had a skype phone call regarding my next intended career.  (Who wants to wager on how long I remain “pretend retired” ? ) I also saw the latest Wolverine movie. I had a Regal gift card from long ago, so it was free. And Regal out here has super comfy wide seats that recline with the foot part too. All for $7.50. Crazy. I also checked out the Pietroglyph National Monument since it was close by. In retrospect, Wednesday was a rather productive day.

Yesterday, I dealt with my 401k rollover. I had to go to FedEx Office and pay $$$ by the minute to use their computer print the forms, fill out the forms (and sign off the computer to save $$) pay $$$ by the minute again to scan the documents. Before I went to FedEx Office, I had to call Vanguard to figure out who to 401k company should make the check out to and the address. People have mentioned how Vanguard customer service is terrible with long times on hold, but I didn’t have any issues at all. I even left $$$ on the table. I could have collected $200 to rollover to E*Trade instead of Vanguard, but I kept it simple and send it to Vanguard. Am I getting lazy and neglecting free money? 😉

Today….the day is young. But throwing up this blog post is not without effort. Perhaps that will be my task for the day. Anyways…I’ve mostly got in the routine of being done with any exploring by about 3 pm and, other than obtaining dinner via foot or automobile, relaxing for the rest of the night. And it’s been great.

Now, obviously in addition to the tasks, there’s a lot of extra time in the day. It could be spent chilling on the couch with my laptop or outside walking around.

On my previous post, there was some comments about me wasting my meals on Burger King or whatever. Here’s the thing. If I was spending two nights in Albuquerque, I probably would not “waste” a meal at Burger King. However, with 28 nights in Albuquerque, I’m not going to eat with the mentality of a blank check for all of my meals. Could I afford to spend $10- $15 every meal? Sure, it wouldn’t be too much of a financial hardship. But I would not enjoy spending my $$$ like that. This morning, I had the included Chocolate croissant and a protein shake and it’s plenty sufficient to hold me over until lunch. For what it’s worth though, I’ve actually only had one meal at Burger King in the past 7 days of being in this city. Yesterday, I tried a Chinese place, unfortunately it was not up to California Chinese standards. Today, I will check out the Persian place which happens to be in a different part of town which just naturally gives me a new place to explore.

On Wednesday night, I moved from staying in an office with a twin bed into a 1950’s Schultz trailer where I’ll be staying until I move on to Utah. I took a 30 second video to show my parents and sister the inside. I’ll post a link to that video here after I leave Albuquerque.

To me, I don’t really need any more than this: sitting on the couch of the trailer with March Madness marathon of basketball games on my laptop, in the shade with the door open allowing a fresh New Mexico breeze in and also allowing one of the kitties to visit and snuggle. It probably could get boring if it was on a forever basis, but for a few  weeks? It’s not at all boring.  While I’m definitely taking the opportunity to explore Albuquerque, my goal was to just hang out somewhere warmish and cheap, and I would say mission accomplished in that regard.

I also feel like I’ve already seen a whole bunch of Albuquerque, with like 4 museums, wandering Old Town, exploring a national monument, and just driving around different parts of the city. And there’s still so much more to potentially explore….