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I Distributed My First DAF Grant!

by on February 20, 2017

My DAF is Up 3.75%! While trying to plan my road trip itinerary, I stumbled upon the Little Hollywood Movie Museum in Kanab, Utah. I’ll only be spending 1 night in Kanab during my road…

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TJ’s Investment Portfolio – Q1 2017

by on February 13, 2017

I’ve made some changes since my last investment portfolio post. As I mentioned in my previous post, international has definitely been a hole in my profile. One of the reasons is my philosophical decision to…

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January 2017 Financial Recap

by on February 6, 2017

Another month is in the books. January looks pretty spendy when you look at the raw numbers, but what you don’t know from just looking at the numbers is that I prepaid a lot of…

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The Rockstar Finance Effect

by on January 20, 2017

That time I was on Rockstar Finance! So, I wake up Thursday morning to a few comment notification emails on a post that I wrote a week and a half ago. I don’t typically get…

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The Camp Mustache Experience

by on January 17, 2017

I Survived Camp Mustache! This past weekend was a new experience. The closest parallel I can come up with is when I went to Bloggers in Sin City back in May 2011 and May 2012. The…

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2016 Blog Traffic Round Up!

by on January 4, 2017

Below is a summary of December’s traffic numbers. I really don’t trust these numbers as being remotely accurate. Anyone else have what appears to be super inflated Google Analytics stats? Social Media As of January 4, 2017…

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